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Wellness, Fitness, Stress Management,
& Personal Development
Creative Options offers individual and corporate & community wellness programs.

Through individual wellness, stress management and personal development programs you may participate in an integrative approach to wellness of mind, body and spirit. Clients' lives are changed and total health is often improved. You will learn practical ways to promote well-being in the very dailiness of your life: at work, home and on the commute. Clients learn how to center mind, body and spirit and come to a place of inner healing and peace. Modalities include deep breathing and relaxation exercises, meditation, visualization and developing more spiritual awareness and strength. Clients also learn how to examine automatic thought patterns and limiting beliefs and make new, realistic and healthy choices.

Whether it's an extended time of meditation and relaxation or a quick deep breathing exercise, you'll learn how to take care of yourself and feel more centered, balanced, and in control of your well-being.

Corporate & community wellness, healing, and stress management programs

Georgette Wood brings many years experience as a certified stress management consultant. She has developed and teaches her own "Creative Stress Management " program to many work and community groups. Her innovative program combines practical relaxation and stress management techniques that helps participants manage stress effectively both day to day and applying some short and long term goals.

Georgette served as stress management and wellness trainer for Yale New Haven Hospital's Center for Health Promotion for many years. Currently, she has developed and presents programs for corporations, businesses wellness centers and community organizations including Healthtrax, Inc., Lifecare, Inc, MHN Corp. and Capitol Region Education Council, Bristol Wellness Center and Mercy Center

Some group programs are sponsored by Creative Options. Workplace programs and community programs are available. Please contact Georgette Wood for further information and scheduling options.

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