Creative Options 2015-16 Programs
Anti-Aging for Life: Keeping Physically & Mentally Fit
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Georgette Wood
Margot Longenecker,ND
Cathy Diezkan
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ReDesign Your Life!

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Georgette Wood On Location

Individual Sessions

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Natuopathic & Acupuncture
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Individual Coaching & Counseling Sessions Georgette Wood Shoreline CT & West Palm Beach, FL Call to schedule appt. By appt. Call Georgette Wood
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Transitions Coaching and Support Georgette Wood


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Group Programs

Re-Design Your Life

Individual Program also available

This workshop series is an opportunity to explore the different areas of your life; your values, goals, and unique qualities and talents. Through unique exercises and reflections, you will take a look at your life as it is right now; identify the changes that you want to make; and re-design your life for a more fulfilling future.

Anti-Aging for Life:
Keeping Physically & Mentally Fit


This workshop gives participants an opportunity to take charge of their physical and mental fitness as we move into the new year. Our goal is to provide our peers with some tips and tools for maintaining physical and mental fitness as the stressors of life increase as well as our age.

Georgette Wood offers a coaching session,
Materializing Your Goals, with a sure plan for success

Techniques and Strategies for Integrating Movement & Healthy Eating into Your Busy Day will offered by naturopath Margot Longenecker

and Cathy Dziekan, licensed professional counselor, will close the workshop with a
Soul Collage session.


The Changer and the Changed:
The 7 stages of Transition

Life is full of transitions - from normal developmental growth to the impact that comes from a career shift, divorce, illness or the death of a loved one. Yet, there is potential for creative growth and positive learning. Become familiar with the seven stages of change to better understand yourself and the transition process - and make change work for you!

From Resolution to Reality: Materializing your Personal & Professional Goals

In this workshop you will:
• Learn the 12 steps to materializing your personal/professional goals.
• Assess your level of motivation
• Understand the obstacles to your motivation
• Learn tools to grow and maintain motivation toward realizing your goal.

Creative Stress Management

This enlightening and informative workshop opens the way to increasing balance and well-being in your life. Gain a new perspective on stress management and discover practical strategies for living a more centered, satisfying life. Leave this seminar with your personal plan for well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Getting Well Again

This workshop is based on the principles of healing from O. Carl Simonton's classic book on utilizing personal resources for healing, including meditation, visualization, life purpose, family and friends, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Days

Centering & Relaxation Exercises to help bring mind, body and spirit to wholeness.

Opportunities for Meditation, Relaxation, Creativity and practical strategies for daily living.

All seminars are also available for your community, professional, or educational group.

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