An integrative approach to counseling & psychotherapy
An integrative approach to personal counseling
Personal Counseling

Through an integrative (holistic) approach, Creative Options invites you to bring the "whole" of you to participate in your personal growth and healing - becoming aware of your emotional, spiritual and physical needs and working toward wholeness of mind, body & spirit.

With respect, support and direction we may help you to :

  • Learn to understand and accept yourself while you work toward your own personal growth and meet your emotional, physical and spiritual needs
  • Be supported and guided through the colder seasons of your life: life transitions, separations, traumatic experiences, losses and grieving... learning to take care of yourself and being supported in the proces

  • Work through and heal from past hurts/experiences that may have resulted in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem/confidence...and learn new, more satisfying ways of coping and transforming those.

  • Learn meditation, guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques for emotional and physical healing and to help bring mind, body & spirit to wholeness.
  • Manage the areas of your life that hold you back: ineffective communication, unsatisfying relationships, unhealthy patterns of coping, and stress related symptoms.

  • Develop more balance, relaxation and nourishment for mind, body & spirit and tap into your own inner resources, spirit and strength.

Arrange for an interview and see how Creative Options may help you to uncover and deepen your truest self.

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