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Creative Options Coaching

both in person & phone sessions available!

RE-DESIGN YOUR LIFE! ® .. .a life–changing coaching program

Re-focus on what is truly important to you… today

In this 8-10 session life coaching program you will
• Explore the different areas of your life: your personal, professional and/or wellness goals
• Engage in a series of exercises and reflections to clarify what’s important to you

• Determine the change(s)that you need to make
• Design a plan for a more fulfilling future

- by and with Georgette Wood, M.A. L.P.C.
Full Day Seminar also available •Contact Georgette Wood for details (203.481.3757)

About Life Coaching *

Life Coaching helps you to:

• explore your values, needs, and unique qualities and talents
tap into your inner strength live your best life
• improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.
• overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back.
• develop
a more balanced healthy lifestyle.
• enjoy more emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Creative Options Life Coaching helps you to assess your life and life direction. You will identify what's important to you, how you "want it to be"; and begin working toward your goals. Goals may include health and wellness, personal satisfaction, more balance and harmony in your daily life, improved time management skills, and managing life transitions. Coach and client work together as partners in designing your life plan within a time frame, and with focus and structure. Your coach provides direction, information and support to your process and helps to keep you on track. Life Coaching helps you to develop a more positive self-concept and become more trusting of your own inner wisdom to live your life values.

Professional Coaching

•Are you satisfied with your present work?

• Is your work an expression of your talents, skills, values, and goals?
• Are you ready for a change but not sure how to make that transition?
• Do you want more balance in your work and personal life?
• Are you ready to develop powerful skills in leadership, communications, transitions & conflict management?

Creative Options Professional Coaching offers you guidance and direction in determining your professional goals, unlocking your potential and designing a strategic plan for realization. With the focus and structure provided by coaching sessions, Creative Options provides direction, information and support to your process including strategies for success, training in communications, marketing and presentation skills. Moreover, Creative Options Coaching takes a holistic approach, integrating your life values into your professional goals.

Wellness & Fitness Coaching can help you be the healthiest person you can be. With a practical plan that recognizes your needs and goals about wellness & fitness, together we create your unique, healthy lifestyle that gives you satisfaction and vitality. Support and accountability and accountability are key to your success.

Business Coaching
Creative Options can help you clarify your service, mission, and target market, and develop a marketing plan to reach your goals. Coaching also helps you to determine whatís working, what needs improvement, and how to make improvements step by step in a realistic time frame.

Are you satisfied with the course of your business venture?
• Can
you get more from your efforts?
• Do you know how to be
specific in your goal planning: identify tasks,
obstacles and support to make your venture successful and
• Do you recognize
and appreciate your successes? Capitalize on your mistakes? Accept that failures are a part of the journey? And... keep at it?

Marketing Consultation
Your marketing consultation begins with the basics:
What type of a business, service, or organization are you?
• What
specifically do you provide?
• What is your mission?
Who specifically are you marketing to?
• What
are your marketing goals?
What is the image of your business/service/organization now? And, what image do you need to bring you the results you want?
Creative Options can help you to answer these questions and develop a marketing plan that's right for you! We develop a marketing plan with the right mix, message, and image that will bring results for you and your business. We look at your long term and short term goals and determine the best path for you to take to accomplish your goals.

Coach Training
Georgette is also codirector of Northeast Coaching Institute where she has developed and presented coach training programs for masters level professionals.
for information and schedule of training sessions

Call to start your course. 203.481.3757 georgettewood@mac.com