About Creative Options
Creative Options is an authentic approach to personal growth, professional development and well-being- integrating mind, body and spirit, and help you to find balance in your life, work and relationships.

We are dedicated to helping you to improve the quality of your life through personal and professional coaching, personal counseling, wellness education, Reiki, and personal and professional development seminars.

How Creative Options Works
• For Individuals
You may schedule
an interview by phone or in person to explore your needs and identify your goals. Then we will develop an individualized program specifically for you.

• On-Site Programs for Businesses & Organizations
- Professional Development Seminars
- Wellness and
Stress Management Programs
Creative Options can be an integral part of your H.R. team. We offer a variety of training programs to help improve your company’s performance and meet your goals

• For Organizations and Community Groups
Workshops and classes can be arranged to meet your group's particular needs and goals.
Creative Options
offers workshops and classes throughout the year at various locations. See the schedule page for updated information or call 203.481.3757

georgette c. wood, l.p.c., licensed professional counselor, coach, and wellness/fitness consultant, is director of Creative Options. She brings many years experience in helping people to improve the quality of their lives through personal and professional coaching and counseling, and employing wellness and healing modalities.

georgette is also an instructor of Psychology and Human Development. She has designed many innovative programs for businesses and corporations; educational institutions; and wellness and fitness centers. She holds a masters degree and certifications in Coaching, Stress Management and Meditation.

Dr. Margot Longenecker, N.D. naturopathic physician

Creative Options welcomes back to CT naturopathic physician Margot Longencker, N.D. Dr. Longenecker is a resource for naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. She practices medicine with an emphasis on "doctor as teacher," empowering her patients to take charge of their health. Margot's many years of experience in helping patients develop more balance, healing and health through acupuncture, nutrition, vitamins and supplements is most welcome.

To set up visit, call Margot at 203.284.1119 or email her at doctorml@sbcglobal.net


Creative Options is happy to connect with other services and professionals that can help our clients improve their lives and reach their goals.

Joanne Barbash, R.M.T., Reiki Master Teacher, assists client in attaining relaxation, stress reduction and healing. Through the gentle laying of hands and the balancing of the body’s energy centers, Reiki can help to reduce pain, alleviate symptoms of anxiety, and promote self-healing. Reiki is used in many health facilities, including many cancer treatment centers, as a complementary therapy to medical care.
Joanne has been practicing Reiki for over ten years. She is located at 150 West Main Street, Branford.
Call Joanne at 203.430.1521 or email her at joanne124@comcast.net.

Learn more about Reiki: What is Reiki?